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The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu 
The Quest for Stars in the Sand, 

Guiding us to Africa’s forgotten past… 


The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu 




Pre-Colonial Criminal Justice In West Africa: Eurocentric Thought Versus Africentric Evidence. 

David Dalgleish: Policy Development Officer (Crime & Safety) Black Londoners Forum, England. 


Through the process of Eurocentric pro-colonialist propaganda people have been, and continue to be, led to assume that the European colonialists brought criminal justice and law and order to Africa. This article challenges those assumptions by using the work of scholars of African history to highlight the existence of criminal justice systems in Africa, in particular pre-colonial West Africa. In the context of a modern society dedicated to removing the tenets of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, this work will hopefully inspire other criminologists to continue to address this under-researched area of criminology, and reassess how historical criminal justice in Africa has been viewed.

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The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu 

 The Quest for Stars in the Sand, Guiding us to Africa’s forgotten past… 

Guided by astrophysicist Dr Thebe Medupe, a group of modern scientists engage in the first exploration of the scientific contents of the manuscript archives of Timbuktu. 
The film reveals the painstaking work done by conservators at the Ahmed Baba Centre and manuscript owners from the Mama Haidara, Fondo Kati and Djingerey Ber manuscript libraries as they face the daunting task of conserving the brittle and damaged documents before this valuable history is lost forever to the sands of the Sahara Desert. 
Dr Medupe works with Islamic Science Historian Dr Petra Schmidl on deciphering the meaning and significance of the manuscripts. With comment from Islamic Science Historians Prof George Saliba and Dr John Steele we reveal the historical background to the information found in these papers and the relevance of Timbuktu’s Islamic history. 

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Meet Mansa Musa I of Mali – the richest human being in all history

A new study has produced an inflation-adjusted list of the richest people of all time

JOHN HALL Author Biography Tuesday 16 October 2012

When we think of the world’s all-time richest people, names like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and John D Rockefeller immediately come to mind.

But few would have thought, or even heard of, Mansa Musa I of Mali – the obscure 14th century African king who was today named the richest person in all history.

With an inflation adjusted fortune of $400 billion, Mansa Musa I would have been considerably richer than the world’s current richest man, Carlos Slim, who ranks in 22nd place with a relatively paltry $68 billion.

The list, compiled by the Celebrity Net Worth website, ranks the world’s 24 richest people of all time. The list advertises itself as the top 25, but 26 names appear in the list.

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Meet the 14th Century African king who was richest man in the world of all time (adjusted for inflation!)


PUBLISHED: 20:21, 15 October 2012 UPDATED: 10:59, 16 October 2012


An obscure king who ruled West Africa in the 14th century has been named the richest person in history in a new inflation-adjusted list of the world's 25 wealthiest people of all time.


Spanning 1,000 years and with a combined fortune of $4.317trillion, only three of the list's 25 are alive today; none of them are women and 14 of them are American.


Using the annual 2199.6per cent rate of inflation, where $100million in 1913 is equal to $2.299.63billion in 2012, Celebrity Net Worth's list includes familiar names like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett; but sitting at number one is Mansa Musa I of Mali.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2218025/Meet-14th-Century-African-king-richest-man-world-time-adjusted-inflation.html#ixzz32oHid5Ml 

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Read more about West Africa's Ancient History here

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